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Survival Swimming

Survival swimming ability is the ability to swim a short distance to safety (e.g. the beach or a boat). The technique teaches to swim with the face fully submerged, roll onto the back to rest, take a breath and then roll back onto the stomach to continue swimming to safety. This life saving survival skill gives the means to save yourself if you accidentally get endangered in the water.

Safe Swimming

Safe Swimming is mainly about being knowledgable of the risks of water and mastering basic swimming skills to be able to swim independently (i.e. without supervision). A few of the skills that need to be mastered are: stroke techniques, water treading, being able to swim underwater, distance swimming, climbing out of the water, etc.

First Aid

In case of a drowning, prompt assistance is needed to save the life of the drowned person. It is important to get the person onto land safely as soon as possible and then resuscitate him if necessary or place him in a recovery position.

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