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For Euro 20,- you will help

The Swim Foundation to teach a child basic swimming skills. Not directly (ofcourse): because we teach the teacher! But the teacher can be taught and in return teach a student.

Thank you so much already!

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For Euro 200,- you can help us educate someone to become a swimming teacher: All over the world, but especially in low-income countries where many drownings take place.
We really appreciate it!

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Thanks in advance for thinking big! For Euro 2.000,- you are the proud sponsor of a Teach The Swimteacher course for a group of 5 - 10 people to become an official Swim Foundation teacher. In return - for the rest of their lives - they can teach children basic swimming skills! We really appreciate it!


Giving as an organisation?

We would love to discuss possibilities for you to donate with your company or

organisation to The Swim Foundation. Please contact Joan van den Hengel or

Rutger van de Pol via

The Swim Foundation

Bank Account: NL86BUNQ2069218619


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